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Troubleshooting:Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit - BSOD - 4GB & Ati Radeon x1950GT Graphic Card Error

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit - BSOD - 4GB & Ati Radeon x1950GT Graphic Card

I was using Windows XP 32 bit with 2 GB memory and I bought 2 GB more last week. I had this 3.25 GB memory problem with 32 bit OS and I decided to install 64 bit OS.
This part is very important; I checked my computer with Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and there were no incompatible hardware or any other problems with my computer according to the report (all items were GREEN - and actually I just check and it still says that
there is no problem).
After this nice advice, I started to install Windows 7 yesterday.
During the installation I had a graphic card driver problem, which took my couple of hours but I passed that one.
The installation was finished and Windows 7 was working with 4 GB memory.
But then I couldn't connect to internet (there was a strange DHCP and IP problem).
Somehow it was related with the on-board network card and the memories, so I took 2 GB memory and the internet has started to work.
I installed the latest drivers and programs
with 2 GB memory.
Because of my on-board network card has some conflict with 4 GB memory, I bought a new network card today and I was assuming that I can use my 2 GB memory again.
But when I insert the other 2 GB memory (when it becomes 4 GB), I started to have our lovely
If I remove any of the memory pairs, there is no problem.
If insert 4 GB memory and I change the configuration in msconfig - boot - advanced options - maximum memory to 4096, again there is no problem (but then it says 3.25 GB usable, which is same situation with XP).
With this configuration, there is no problem
with the on-board network card and internet also and I didn't even insert the new ethernet card (probably the reason is that on this config, I'm not using 4 GB).
My configuration is;
Asus M2A-MVP motherboard
Amd Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core processor 4800+
2 x 1 GB Twinmos + 2 x 1 GB Kingston memory (if it's necessary I can give more info).
Ati Radeon x1950GT graphic card
The latest Ati drivers are installed (Date: 10.02.2010 - Version: 8.593.100.0 - and also tried the Windows drivers).
Here are the dump files;
http://www.doktorasizlar.com/files/coni2k/dump_22183.txt - This is the one with Ati CCC program and the drivers (normal one).
http://www.doktorasizlar.com/files/coni2k/dump_20966.txt - This is the latest dump file; without the application (CCC), just with the graphic card drivers (someone said
that it can be better to try without CCC).
According to these files, it's something to do with the graphic card drivers (again?).
The funny part is that on Ati website, it says that x1950GT drivers doesn't support Windows 7 (so, I cannot get angry to Ati);
Also my motherboard is not listed in Windows 7 Compatibility List in Asus website (and I cannot get angry to Asus also..);
(How this Upgrade Advisor can show me the green flags? - Grrr!)
Well, in the end, what would you suggest to me?
Is there any chance to fix my BSOD problem?
Should I use 3.25 GB memory on Windows 7?
Or should I try my chance with Windows Vista 64 bit?
Or should I go back to Windows XP 32 bit, and took 2 GB out of the computer and try to get the money back?
Or should i stay or should i go..
Thanks in advance and waiting for the answers,
ps: Sorry for the maddness.

Keys to the Problem Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit - BSOD - 4GB & Ati Radeon x1950GT Graphic Card

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Hi coni2k,
For additional troubleshooting please see the following article:
Hope this helps!

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Because of this Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit - BSOD - 4GB & Ati Radeon x1950GT Graphic Card error, Windows can fail in starting some processes and the system's performance can significantly slow down. In some cases, Windows has problems starting up and the system can freeze.

Lastly, this error Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit - BSOD - 4GB & Ati Radeon x1950GT Graphic Card can even result in the Blue screen of death error message, just like other critical Windows errors. If any of the above problems and symptoms occur in your PC, then you should immediately seek to resolve this problem.

In order to resolve Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit - BSOD - 4GB & Ati Radeon x1950GT Graphic Card error or repair the corrupted and damaged Windows files, you will need a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit - BSOD - 4GB & Ati Radeon x1950GT Graphic Card error repair tool. There is more than one method of treating this kind of error code, and here is how you can manually do it:

  1. Start the computer and log in as administrator
  2. Go to the start button and select All Programs. Go to Accessories, System Tools, and then System Restore
  3. Click on System Restore and in a new window, select the 'Restore my computer to an earlier time's option and click Next
  4. On the new confirmation window that appears, click Next
  5. Restart your computer after the restoration has been completed

Recommended Method to Repair the Problem: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit - BSOD - 4GB & Ati Radeon x1950GT Graphic Card:



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