Sunday, 6 March 2016

can i shrink system disk c having win xp by diskpart on drive d with windows 7

i have win xp on drive c and win 7 on drive d.
i want to shrink drive c it is too large, with diskpart being on a diff disk drive d with win 7.
so far diskpart tells me that it can shrink drive c to a determined size created by diskpart.
my question is will it make my computer unbootable afterwards.
before i reboot i would assign drive letters outside the norm ie.
awaiting response
thank you for your time
pps.too many horror stories.

Solutions to the Problem can i shrink system disk c having win xp by diskpart on drive d with windows 7

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You will be able to boot the computer without any issues if you shrink the space on the C: drive and create a new partition.
I would suggest you to boot the computer using Windows 7 operating system and then create a new partition.
Refer the following link to create a new partition.
‘Can I repartition my hard disk?’
‘Create and format a hard disk partition’

Cleaning your computer, components, and peripherals help keep everything in good working condition and helps prevent germs from spreading. You can't image how dirty the inside of your computer case can get. All the dust and dirt is going to prevent proper air flow and may even prevent the fan from working.

Another Safe way to Fix the Problem: can i shrink system disk c having win xp by diskpart on drive d with windows 7:



How to Fix can i shrink system disk c having win xp by diskpart on drive d with windows 7 with SmartPCFixer?

1. You can Download SmartPCFixer here. Install it on your system. When you open SmartPCFixer, it will perform a scan.

2. After the scan is finished, you can see the errors and problems which need to be repaired.

3. When the Fixing part is finished, your computer has been speeded up and the errors have been removed

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